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The local preliminary to Miss Wisconsin and Miss America for young women ages 13-24.
*Eligibility requirements are featured on the Miss and Teen Competition pages

 Miss America Preliminary Pageants provide the jewels to a crown of scholarship, life skills, community involvement, personal growth and lifelong friendships.  With this crown, young women are given a wealth of opportunities and experiences to provide for their future and the future of the many lives they touch.  The Miss America Organization is the world’s largest scholarship program for young women, providing over $46,000,000 in scholarships each year at a local, state, and national levels.

With compeititons in academics, community service, fitness, talent, and interview, the Miss America Preliminary Pageants give contestants skills and confidence to shine in other areas of life including job interview and performance, leadership, and personal health.

Another jewel obtained through the Miss America Organization is community involvement through use of platforms that raise awareness an affect change for social issues.  Young women are also given opportunities to reach out and support charitable organizations as the Miss America Organization strives to enhance community service around the country.

Most importantly, the local Miss America Premliminary Pageants mark the beginning of countless friendships. These are the most precious jewels that are helped close to the hearts of many.  The jewel that sparkles most brightly, however, is the personal learning and growing that takes place.  Each jewel contributed by the Miss America Organization creates the crown of a beautiful young woman who is poised, confident, and ready to pursue her dreams and goals by providing young women today with the tools for tomorrow.

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